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Articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire 16-20

These pages contain a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire since it was first printed in 1854.

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1953-4 Volume 16, Part 1
Glebe Terriers and Open-field Buckinghamshire Part 2, with Summary List of Deserted Villages of the County. M. W. Beresford
The Thornborough Barrow. Joan Liversidge
Aylesbury Treasure Trove. R. C Sansome
Medieval Pottery Kilns at Brill, Bucks. Preliminary report on Excavations in 1953. E. M. Jope
A Fifteenth Century Pedigree. A. Vere Woodman
1954-5 Volume 16, Part 2
The Verney Tomb at Middle Claydon. Lawernce Stone
John Carter of Denham, Yeoman. Julian Cornwall
Buckinghamshire & Parliament. T. A. Hume
Romano-British Sites and their Communications: The Ouse Valley. Charles Green
Brasses at Penn and Edlesborough. H. F. Owen Evans
1957-58 Volume 16, Part 3
download article Cover, title page and contents
download article The Mount, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. F H Pavry and G M Knocker
download article The County Treasurers 1678-1889. Julian Cornwall
download article The Building of Denham Place. John Harris
download article Excavations at Stanton Low in the Upper Ouse Valley during March 1957. M U Jones
download article A Note on Sir Walter de Hanle. A Vere Woodman
download article The Society, the Muniment Room, Natural History Section, Officers of the Society
1956-7 Volume 16, Part 4
download article A Romano-British Villa at High Wycombe. B R Hartley
An Elizabethan Census. Julian Cornwall
Palaeoliths from Brickearth in South-East Buckinghamshire. A. D. Lacaille
Beam Markings at Bishopstone. Hayward Parrott
1960 Volume 16, Part 5
The Accounts of the Churchwardens of Wing. A. Vere Woodman
On Palaeolthic Choppers and Cleavers. A. D Lacaille
Buckinghamshire in 1086. G. R. Elvey

1961 Volume 17, Part 1
All articles in volume 17 are available on-line 
download article Cover, title, contents and notes
download article Worthies of Buckinghamshire as Members of Parliament and as Justices of the Peace, 1678-1689. Julius Long Stern
download article The Abbot of Missenden's Estates in Chalfont St. Peter. Elizabeth M. Elvey
download article The Building of Chicheley Hall. Joan D. Tanner
download article Pitstone Hill-A Study in Field Archaeology. James F. Dyer and Anthony J. Hales
download article The Vestry of Cholesbury, 1820-1894. Arnold Baines
download article The Street Development of Fenny Stratford. Edward Legg
download article A Hundred Years of the Museum. C. N. Gowling
1962 Volume 17, Part 2
download article Cover, title, contents and notes
download article The Penn Doom. E. Clive Rouse
download article Discoveries in Eton College Chapel. H. M. Colvin
download article The Romano-British Burial at Weston Turville. Helen Waugh
download article The Influence of Railways on the Growth of Wolverton, Buckinghamshire. Peter Richards
1963 Volume 17, Part 3
download article Cover, title, contents and notes
download article Mesolithic Industries beside Colne Waters in Iver and Denham, Buckinghamshire. A. D. Lacaille
download article A Justice's Diary. Geoffrey Veysey
download article A Lost Chalfont St. Peter Memorial Brass. John E. G. Bennell
download article Medieval Charters at Claydon House. G. R. Elsey
download article Survey of Two Properties in High Street, Burnham John D. Broadbent, and A. H. Packe
1964 Volume 17, Part 4
download article Cover, title, contents and notes
download article Eythrope House and its Demolition in 1810-11. H. M. Colvin
download article A Romano-British Site at Great Missenden. J. F. Head
download article Bletchley: The Influence of Railways on Town Growth. Peter Richards
download article The Iron Age Pottery from Thorney Farm, Iver. R. F. Deninglon and Louie Gallant
download article The Font at Stone. Ellen Ettinger
download article Bledlow: 1. Land Tenures and the Three-Field System. Alison Young
download article The Treacher Collection of Prehistoric Artifacts from Marlow. I. F. Sinith and J. J. Wywr
1965 Volume 17, Part 5
download article Cover, title, contents and notes
download article Aylesbury in the Fifteenth Century. Elizabeth M. Elvey
download article Some Palaeoliths from the Bletchley District. Louise Millard
download article A Mesolithic Industry from Bolton End. Louise Millard
download article Richard II's Servants and the Miscenden Inheritance. Anthony Goodman
download article A Romano-Celtic Temple at Bourton Grounds. Buckingham
download article Bledlow: 2 - Church and Parsons. Alison Young.
download article A New Roman Site in Chesham Keith Branigan and Michael Kirton
download article The Manor of the Vicarage of Chalfont St. Peter. John E. G. Bennell
download article The Notitia Parochialis. E. Clive Rouse.
download article Captain John Woodliff. A. Vere Woodman.
download article Index to Volume 17.

1966 Volume 18, Part 1
Accounts of Eighteenth-Century Overseers of the Poor of Chalfont St.Peter Geofirey C. Edmonds
Wall Paintings in St. Mary's Church, Padbury. E. Clive Rouse,
The Select Vestry of Hawridge. Arnold H. J. Baines
Field Systems in Ibstone, a Township of the South-West Chilterns,during the later Middle Ages David Roden
Mesolithic Artifacts from Ley Hill. Keith Branigan
St. Osyth and Aylesbury. Christopher Holiler,
Hill Farm, Chalfont St. Peter. C. F. Stell,
Domestic Wall Paintings at No. 1 London End, Beaconsfield. E. Clive Rouse, and J. D. Broadbent
1967 Volume 18, Part 2
Some Medieval Pottery from North Bucks. Louise Millard
Northend Farm House, Long Crendon Guy Beresford
The Distribution and Development of Romano-British Occupation in Chess Valley Keith Branigan
New Light on the Seventeenth Century Token Issuers of Chepping Wycombe George Berry
1968 Volume 18, Part 3
Ivinghoe Beacon Excavations 1963-1965. M.A. Cotton and S.S. Frere
1969 Volume 18, Part 4
The Romano-British Villa at Saunderton Reconsidered. Keith Branigan
Houses in High Street, Chalfont St. Peter. C. F. Stell
Joseph Neale's Lectureship at Cholesbury Arnold H. J. Baines
Anglo-Saxon Burials at Lower Winchendon J. F. Head & T. A. Hume
Hitcham Old Barn A. H. Packe & J. D. Broadbent
Bledlow and the Lancashire Cotton Industry Pamela L. R. Horn
1970 Volume 18, Part 5
The Old Manor, Askett Guy Beresford
A Roman Road through South Buckinghamshire Charles Morris, G. H. Hargreaves and R. P. F. Parker
Buckingham and the Railway. R. S. Hampton
An Iron Age Enclosure at Ravenstone, Buckinghamshire Dennis C. Mynard
Observations on Druce's Flora. Victor J. Scott
Notes on Seventeenth-Century Token Issuers of Chesham. George Berry
Financing the Civil War. C. H. Wyatt
John Schorne's Well at North Marston E. Clive Rouse.

1971 Volume 19, Part 1
All articles in volume 19 are available on-line 
download article Cover, title and contents
download article The medieval building and repair of the Chancels of Datchet, Iver, Langley, and Wraysbury Churches. Shelagh Bond.
download article The Crendon needlemakers. Joyce Donald
download article Rescue excavations at the deserted medieval village of Stantonbury, Bucks. Dennis C.Mynard
download article The Buckinghamshire straw plait trade in Victorian England. Pamela L.R.Horn
download article Early records of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham: Their importance to the sociel historian. Elizabeth M.Elvey
download article Canal Settlement in Fenny Stratford. Edward Legg
download article Birds of Shardeloes Lake. R.L.Swann
download article A handaxe from Stantonbury, and further notes on handaxes from the valleys of the Ouse and Ouzel. H.S.Green
download article Archaeological notes
download article The Museum, Notes, Reviews, Obituary, The Society, Natural History section, and Officers
1972 Volume 19, Part 2
download article Cover, title and contents
download article The Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy. Elliott Viney
download article Report on the trial excavation at Wards Coombe, Ivinghoe 1971. B.R.K.Dunnett
download article The railway era in Buckinghamshire. F.H.Cockman
download article The boundaries of Over Winchendon. Arnold H.J.Baines
download article A Romano-British kiln at Fulmer. Naomi Tarrant and Anne Sandford
download article Diary of a country schoolmaster for 1864. Pamela L.R.Horn
download article The first fall of Sir John Molyns. G.R.Elvey
download article Badgers in Buckinghamshire. A.Killingley
download article The Ravenstone Beaker. K.J.Field
download article An Iron Age comb from Stanton Low. William Britnell
download article A bronze spearhead from Princes Risborough. Michael Farley
download article Archaeological notes from the Buckinghamshire Couty Museum
download article Notes, The Museum, Reviews, The Society, Natural History section, and Officers
1973 Volume 19, Part 3
download article Title page and contents
download article Coleshill and the Settlements of the Chilterns. John Chenevix-Trench
download article Sixteenth-century people: Some aspects of social life in Elizabethan Bucks. H.A.Hanley
download article Lipscomb and his History of Bucks. G.H.Wyatt
download article The Gawcott Revolt of 1867. Pamela L.R.Horn
download article The Weedon Charity in Chesham. A.M.Thomas, S.Foxell and A.H.J.Baines
download article Archaeological Notes from Newton Longville. Richard Griffiths and Josie Southernwood
download article A Roman Burial at North Marston. Michael Farley
download article Moated sites in Buckinghamshire – a list. County Museum Archaeological Group
download article Latimer: Some problems of archaeological interpretation. Keith Branigan
download article Archaeological notes from Bucks County Museum, The Museum, Notes, Reviews, Obituary, The Society, Natural History Section.
download article Supplement to the Macrolepidoptera of Bucks, Sir Eric Ansorge
download article Officers of the Society
1974 Volume 19, Part 4
download article Title page and contents
download article Some Iron-Age pottery from mid and north Bucks, with a Gazetteer of associated sites and finds. Helen Waugh, Dennis C.Mynard and Robin Cain
download article An important early valley route through the Chilterns. J.F.Head
download article Aylesbury – a defended town? Michael Farley
download article Grange Farm, Widmer End. Ian Johnson and Pauline Fenley
download article A Buckinghamshire Tory: Thomas Hacket of North Crawley (1627-1689). H.A.Hanley
download article The 1810 Crop Returns for Buckinghamshire. Michael Turner
download article Excavations at Bradwell Abbey Barn, 1971. B.R.K.Niblett
download article Excavations at Wright’s Mill, Chesham, 1968. Keith Branigan and Graham Jones
download article Archaeological Notes
download article Notes, Reviews, Obituary, Natural History Section, Officers of the Society

1975 Volume 20, Part 1
Excavations at Bourton Grounds, Thornborough 1972-3. A. E. Johnson
Mediaeval Peasant Farmers. J. C. K. Cornwall
Agricultural Trade Unionism in Buckinghamshire 1872-85 . Pamela Horn
The Ancient Saltway from Droitwich to Princes Risborough. Leonard Bull
Sir Gilbert Scott's Classical Work in Buckinghamshire. Ian Toplis
An Excavation at Hunter Street, Buckingham. R. A. Hall
1976 Volume 20, Part 2
Saxon & Medieval Walton, Aylesbury: Excavations 1973-4. Michael Farley
1977 Volume 20, Part 3
The Wall Paintings at Nos. 1 and 2, Market Hill, BuckinghaM. E. C. Rouse
The History of Nos. 1 and 2 Market Hill, Buckingham. E. M. Elvey
The Excavation of a Mesolithic Site at Gerrards Cross, Bucks. L. H. Baffield
Spearhead from Bletchley, Milton Keynes. V. L. Evison .
Saxon Spearhead from Haversham, Bucks. V. Evison and D. C. Mynard
Roman Site at Walton, Milton Keynes. D. C. Mynard and C. Woodfield
Roman Military Site at Magiovinium? Charmian Woodield
Some Flints from Newport Pagnell. J. J. Milln
Salvage Excavations at Dansteed Way, Milton Keynes. R. A. Adkins
download article Fields and Farms in a Hilltop Village. John Chenevix-Trench
download article The Medieval Parks of Buckinghamshire. L M Cantor and J Hatherly
The Origins of Stony Stratford. R. H. Britnell
Plague Mortality in Buckinghamshire in the Seventeenth Century. John Skinner
Buckinghamshire Militia Lists for 1759: A Social Analysis. L. F. W. Beckett
Walter of Henley Reconsidered G. R. Elvey
1978 Volume 20, Part 4
The Local Community and the Great War: Aspects of Military Participation. L. F. W. Beckett.
Buckinghamshire Windmills Buckinghamshire County Museum Archaeological Group
John Hampden and Nicholas Stone, Sculptor. Lorna M. Head
A Romano-British Site at Micklefield, High Wycombe. S. and P. Cauvain
download article Hartley Court Moat and Enclosure. D. D. and D. M. Miller
Medieval Graffiti in Some Buckinghamshire Churches. G. H. Rusbridger with drawings by B. E. Rusbridger.
The Royal Arms in Buckinghamshire Churches. Elliott Viney
Markets and Fairs in Medieval Buckinghamshire. Michael Reed
Seventeenth Century Pottery at Potter Row, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire County Museum Archaeological Group
Skull of Neolithic Shape from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. Richard V. S. Wright
download article Excavations at Low Farm, Fulmer - part 1: The Mesolithic Occupation. Michael Farley
download article Middle Iron Age Pottery from Long Crendon. R.Cowell
Traces of a Late Saxon Church at St. Mary's, Aylesbury. Brian Durham
Inscribed and Dated Pots of the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries from Brill, Bucks. Michael Farley and Barbara Hurman.
Neolithic Axes from the Milton Keynes Area of the Upper Ouse Valley. R. A. Adkins and D. C. Mynard
Witch-Bottle from Winslow. Michael Farley
Roman Field System at Broughton, Buckinghamshire. M. R. Petchey with a contribution from C. Woodfield
Medieval Settlement Area Adjacent to Pitstone Church. E. J. Bull.
download article A Wall painting at 21 High Street, High Wycombe. E Clive Rouse
download article A medieval earthwork at Stokenchurch. B D Easterbrook