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Articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire 51-55

These pages contain a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire since it was first printed in 1854.

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2011 Volume 51
download article A late prehistoric hilltop settlement and other excavations along the Taplow to Dorney Water Pipeline, 2003-04. Jonathan Hart, E R McSloy and Andrew Mudd
A Middle Iron Age farmstead at Campbell Park, Milton Keynes. James Newboult
Roman rural settlement at Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes. Stephen Morris and Simon Carlyle
Saxon and medieval activity at Walton Street, Aylesbury. Pip Stone
Three sceptre or staff mounts from Buckinghamshire. Linda Babb
The Romanesque doorways at Dinton and Leckhampstead. Rita Wood
Medieval Kingsey and Tythrop, 1086-1335. Keith Bailey
Town and countryside in medieval Ivinghoe. Mark Page
Lord and Lady of the Manor: the Disraelis at Hughenden. Pamela Horn
Historical and named trees at Burnham Beeches. Helen J Read
Aylesbury celebrities of the last century: Transciption of handwritten notes by Robert Gibbs dated May 1st 1877. Sue Fox
Archaeological notes
Reviews, reports and obituaries
2012 Volume 52
Discoveries of Ice Age mammals and other Pleistocene deposits in Central and Northern Buckinghamshire. Michael Farley
A group of Bronze Age decorated loomweights from Magna Park, Milton Keynes. Andy Chapman
Middle Iron Age marginal settlement at Newton Leys, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes. Jim Brown
Mill End Roman villa, Hambleden: Geophysical survey and assessment. Jill eyers and Andrew Hutt
Roman burials at 40 Church Lane, West Wycombe. Simon Carlyle
The Barons of twelth-century Buckinghamshire. Donald Matthew
Excavations at Walton Manor, Walton, Milton Keynes. Robert Wardill, Anna Slowikowski and Christiane Meckseper
Medieval settlement remains, part of a medieval cemetery and later structural remains associated with Chicheley Hall. Mark Phillips
Et non venit... The Black Death in Chesham, from the manorial rolls. Dr Garry Marshall
Booker Common, a tithing revealed, c1700-c1800. Frances Kerner
Bridges on the turnpike road from Wendover to Buckingham. Sydney Eveleigh
The Goodalls of Dinton and Eton. Alan Dell
A potential new Roman villa at The Rye, High Wycombe. David Green
Excavations at Moray House, 44 Camp Road, Gerrards Cross. Pip Stone and others
Excavations at Franklins Farmhouse, Ickford Road, Shabbington. Hannah Tweedie and others
A Cuddington incident from the Buckinghamshire Eyre of 1247. William Strange
Doves, culvers and pigeons: a manorial status symbol. Keith Bailey
Buckinghamshire field names: Acre and Home. Keithe Bailey
The last needle workshop in Long Crendon. Dave Gilbert
Edwin Hollis FZS (1863-1941): Some notes on his early life and activities. E Charles Nelson and C Stuart Houston
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Notes for contributors
2013 Volume 53
A Romano-British Malt House and other remains at Weedon Hill, Aylesbury. Gail Wakeham and Philippa Bradley Records53 cover
A multi-period site at Broughton North, Milton Keynes.
Alex Thompson and Bob Zeepvat
Investigations at Warren Wood, Little Marlow, 2010-2011.
John Laker and members of Archaeology in Marlow
Excavation at St Laurence's Meeting Room, Market Square, Winslow. Carina Summerfield-Hill
The View of Frankpledge in the Chilterns. Garry Marshall
Buckinghamshire in 1327: The evidence from the Lay Subsidy Returns. Keith Bailey
A Deer Park at Seagrave's Farm, Penn. Miles Green
Wycombe Heath and the Londoners' Chase. Miles Green
Lowndes Park Earthwork Mound: windmill or burial mound? An archaeological investigation. Yvonne H Edwards, Marion Wells, John Gover, Birgitta Thwaites, Jill Hender and other members of the Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society
Enclosure and the changing landscape of Hillesden. Judith Curthoys
download article Why did Edward Penn build only half a house? A historic building analysis of Shell House, Hedgerley. Peter John Marsden
‘Bad beds and worse eating’: the restoration and revival of the New Inn, Stowe. Gary Marshall, with illustrations by Amir Bassir
Lady Astor and the Gardeners at Cliveden 1920s–1950s. Pamela Horn
Slade names in Buckinghamshire. Keith Bailey
Lay Rectorships – where the past catches up with the present. Jeremy Howarth
My life as a hewer of coal! 1944–1948. Alan Dell
Archaeological notes
Reviews, reports and obituaries
2014 Volume 54
Excavations along the Hardwick-to-Marsh-Gibbon pipeline: an Iron Age to Roman landscape. Chris Thatcher, Elizabeth Popescu and Daniel Hounsell Records 54 cover
The late Iron Age to early Roman transition in the Chilterns: What ditches can tell us. Marion Wells, Stuart King, Roland McLain Smith, Yvonne Edwards and others
Anglo-Saxon Granborough. Keith Bailey
Late Saxon and medieval settlement at the former Cooper Tannery, Lime Street, Olney. Alex Thompson and Pat Chapman
Richard of Cornwall and Marlow's deer park. Andrew Ford
Chesham after the Black Death. Garry Marshall
Battles and burial at Holman's Bridge: Fact or fiction? Bob Zeepvat
Simon Mayne, regicide, and Dinton Hall. David Pickup
Sir William Smyth – North Buckinghamshire landowner, soldier, lawyer, property dealer and entrepreneur. Jeremy Howarth
‘Grievous, unnecessary, and no good can arise from them...’ Marriage by Licence in the Archdeaconry of Buckingham. Christopher Low
Basque and Jewish refugees at Tythrop House, Kingsey, 1937 to 1940. Diana Gulland
Shell House, Hedgerley: A dendrochronological postscript. Peter Marsden
A lost monument at Horton Church. Andrew Skelton
Archaeological notes, edited by Nick Crank
Lost and Found: Objects recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. Ros Tyrrell
The Society, The Library, Taking the society on-line, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, County Archaeological Service, Milton Keynes Archaeology Service.
2015 Volume 55
Excavations along the M25: Prehistoric and medieval sites in south-east Buckinghamshire.
Chris Hayden, Kate Brady, Paul Booth and Steve Lawrence
Records 55 cover
Late pre-Roman Iron Age Activity and early Romano-British enclosures at Radcliffe School, Wolverton, Milton Keynes. Alistair Hancock
Anglo-Saxon and medieval settlement at the former Post Office Training Establishment, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes.
Pat Chapman, Andy Chapman and Alex Thompson
‘New’ Buckinghamshire Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds 1: Rickmansworth and Great Gaddesden. Keith Bailey
Investigations at Warren Wood, Little Marlow.
John Laker, Andy Ford and members of Archaeology in Marlow
Winslow in 1341: the Nonarum Inquisitiones and the reliability of medieval tax self-assessment. David Noy
Medieval Pleasures: Dining and travelling with the Earl of Oxford. Dr Garry Marshall and Anne Marshall
download article Buckinghamshire Pots, Potters and Potteries, 1200-1910. Michael Farley and Barbara Hurman
— now updated as a paperback published in 2019: click here to view...
West Wycombe Village: An archaeological appraisal of the Church Loft and village buildings. Gary Marshall
George Devey and the Rothschild estate buildings in the Vale of Aylesbury, 1850-1910. Cathy Sougthton
Buckinghamshire field names 8: ‘Furrow’. Keith Bailey
Lost and Found: Objects recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme Database. Ros Tyrrell
Archaeological notes, edited by Nick Crank
Reviews, The Society, The Library, On-line activities, Buckinghamshire County Museum, Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, County Archaeological Service, Milton Keynes Archaeology Service.
Obituaries: Professor William (Bill) Richard Mead, John Hubert Emlyn Jones, Kathleen Hegarty, Charmian Woodfield, James Venn.