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Index to articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire

Below is a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire (excluding very short notes). In early years a number of articles were published in parts. Where these lie within a volume they are only listed once.

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1984 Volume 26
All articles in volume 26 are available on-line 
download article Cover, title and contents list.
download article Grim's Ditch Ivinghoe. Jean Davis and J G Evans
download article The Danish wars and the establishment of the borough and county of Buckingham. Amold H J Baines
download article The evolution and decline of the Restoration militia in Buckinghamshire, 1660-1745. Ian F W Beckett
download article The wall-paintings in St Lawrence's Church, Broughton. John Edwards
download article A medieval pottery industry at Olney Hyde. Dennis C Mynard.
download article The Civil War destruction of Boarstall. Stephen Porter
download article Iron Age occupation at Long Crendon. Philip Carstairs
download article A new fauna from the Upper Lydite Bed (Portlandian), near Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire. J D Radley
download article Law enforcement, crime and punishment in Seventeenth-Century Buckinghamshire. N D Rogerson
download article The burnt mounds of Chalfont St Giles: A survey. Simon Smithson.
download article The Whitelock monument in Fawley Church. Lorna M Head.
download article Archaeological Notes from Buckinghamshire County Museum. Michael Farley.
download article Notes: A cache of bronze finger-rings from Amersham, The Chalfont St Peter ‘Mars’, Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards: A modern perambulation of ancient boundaries. PLUS The Museum, County Record Office, Reviews, The Society, Natural History Section, and Officers of the Society.

1985 Volume 27
All articles in volume 27 are available on-line 
download article Cover, title and contents list.
download article The Verneys and the sequestrators in the Civil Wars 1642-56. John Broad
download article A neolithic settlement at Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes. H Stephen Green and Stephanie Sofranoff
download article Hardmead and its deserted village. Paul S H Smith
download article The development of the borough of Buckingham, 914-1086. A H J Baines
download article The Buckinghamshire saints reconsidered 1: St Firmin of North Crawley. R P Hagerty
download article Two post-medieval pottery kilns and associated products from Prosser's Yard, Brill. W D Cocroft
download article The Manor and Abbey of Burnham. Sister Jane Mary SPB and D D and D M Miller
download article The wall-painting of the unknown saint at St Mary's. John Edwards
download article Excavations near Mount Wood, Chenies. Rosalind Dunnet
download article Excavations at Bury Farm, Amersham. Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society
download article Archaeological notes from Buckinghamshire County Museum
download article Notes (Slipware bowl from Cuddington; Amersham finger-rings), The Museum, County Record Office, Reviews, Obituary: Gerald Elvey, The Society, Natural History Section, Officers of the Society, Contents

1986 Volume 28
Excavations at Bierton, 1979. David Allen
The Wendover Election of 1741. A. F. Mead
The Origins of the Borough of Newport Pagnell. A. H. J. Baines
An Archaeological Survey of the Dorney Area. Philip Carstairs
Excavations at the Motte, Weston Turville Manor, 1985. Peter A. St J. Yeoman
The Turvilles and the Castle of Weston Turville. R. P. Hagerty
The Whitelock Monument in Fawley Church. Lorna M. Head.
Two Iron Age Sites on the Newport Pagnell By-pass. Michael Farley and David Knight
Two Post-Medieval Pottery Kilns and Associated Products Yard, Brill Buckinghamshire. W. D. Cocroft
Wolverton: a Magnet for Migrants, 1837-1861. J. French

1987 Volume 29
Excavations at Magiovinium, Buckinghamshire, 1978-80. D. Neal
The Buckinghamshire Saints Reconsidered, 2. St Osyth & St Edith of Aylesbury. R. P. Hagerty
Chartridge and Pednor Hedgerows; A landscape study Part 2. P. Casselden
A Romano-British Pottery Kiln at Springwood, Gerrards Cross. B. Stainton & C. Stanley
An Anglo-Saxon Cemetary at Bourne End, Wolverton, Bucks Reinstated. M. Farley
The Inclosure of Pitstone Common Wood in 1612. H. Hanley
A Gazetteer of Cruck Buildings in Buckinghamshire. R. W. Evans
The Coccincllidae (Ladybirds) of Buckinghamshire - C. Reid

1988 Volume 30
Rectory Cottages, Bletchley. A. T. Adams, P. N. Jarvis & E. Legg
Excavations at Desborough Castle, High Wycombe, 1987. M. Collard
St. Wulfstan in Buckinghamshire. A. H. J. Baines
Medieval Pottery Production Areas near Rush Green, Denham, Buckinghamshire. M. E. Farley
The Buckinghamshire Saints Reconsidered, 3. St. Rumwold (Rumbold). R. P. Hagerty
Another Roman Building at Wymbush, Milton Keynes. R. J. Zeepvat
A Political Agent at Work in Eighteenth-century Aylesbury. A. Dell,
Excavation of an Early Post-Medieval Kiln at temple Street Brill, 1983. P. A. St. J. Yeoman
'New-Town Blues': How a Railway Company Avoided the Problem at Wolverton. P. S. Richards
Salvage Excavations of a Roman Enclosure at the Watermead Roundabout, Buckingham Road, Aylesbury. H. Dalwood, A. Hawkins
Archaeological Investigation of the 'Old Churchyard Olney'. D. Collard
download article A History of the Society: part 1 1847-1897. Elliott Viney
Two Neolithic Polished Flint Axes from the Vale of Aylesbury
Excavations at Moat Farm, Aylesbury.