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Articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire 56-60

These pages contain a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire since it was first printed in 1854.

download article If this symbol is shown to the right of an article title then the article is available on-line. Click on the symbol or article title to view a copy on-screen, You can also save this locally or print it (if you have a printer). Volumes not yet available on-line can be found in the society's Library in the Bucks County Museum and in the Buckinghamshire Archives, both in Aylesbury.

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2016 Volume 56
Bronze Age burials, medieval pits and a post-medieval building at 90 High Street, Marlow. Simon Markus Records56 cover
A late Iron Age and early Roman landscape at Middleton School, Milton Keynes. Bob Zeepvat and Martin Cuthbert
The life and times of Burghild of Mercia: New light on Anglo-Saxon Buckinghamshire. Keith Bailey
A Cistercian Ware workshop at Brill. Paul Blinkhorn and David Gilbert
download article A decorated floor tile from Biddlesden Abbey. Michael Farley
Sir Hugh Conway and the building of Hillesden Church. Nicholas Orme
The coaching inns of Colnbrook. Julian Hunt
The Clarkes and Tan Yard Wharf: a 19th-century industrial site in Fenny Stratford and its owners. Bob Zeepvat
Reluctant recruits: Appeals against military conscription in Marlow 1916-18. Andrew Ford
The probable hillfort at Desborough and a hundredal meeting place revisited. Michael Farley
‘The men who dwell in open country’: Buckinghamshire names with OE Fildena. Keith Bailey
‘New’ Buckinghamshire Anglo-Saxon charter bounds 2: Aspley Guise. Keith Bailey
The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project 2014-15. Sarah Rutherford
Lost and Found: Objects recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database. Ros Tyrrell
Archaeological notes, edited by Nick Crank
Reviews, reports and obituaries

2017 Volume 57
Excavations at Magna Park, Milton Keynes. Pat Chapman and Andy Chapman Records57 cover
A Roman settlement in Milton Keynes: Excavations at Kents hill 2016. Rebecca Jones and Maria Piirainien with Mark Allen and Natashe Powers
The Thornborough Romano-British temple: A reappraisal. Nigel Wilson
The Anglo-Saxon Church of All Saints at Wing from the 7th to the 11th centuries. Richard Gem
The production of medieval decorated floor-tiles at Boarstall, with a note on Boarstall's late medieval map. Michael Farley with Barbara Hurman
The creation, use and wider significance of Chesham's manorial records. Garry Marshall
The Coldharbours of Buckinghamshire. Keith Bailey
The Williams family and the representation of Great Marlow. Julian Hunt
From beer to bombs: Wethereds Brewery in Marlow during World War I. Andrew Ford
Buckinghamshire in the Great War: A reserch framework. Ian Beckett
The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project 2016. Sarah Rutherford
Archaeological notes, edited by Nick Crank
Reviews and reports

2018 Volume 58, part 1
Joining the dots: Research into the landscape history of the Icknield belt around Aylesbury. Eliza Aqassar and Sandy Kidd Records 58-1 cover
Ice-Age Weston Turville: Patterns in the ground. Michael Farley
Excavation of a Roman bloomery furnace and tapping pit at Bradenham. Gary Marshall
Field-name evidence for lost settlements in Buckinghamshire. Keith Bailey
Thornborough open-feld boundaries. Nigel Wilson
The story of Chesham's Manor Court records. Dr Garry Marshall
Pots, crops, livestock and lime: the economic development of a medieval rural landscape at Bishopstone Road, Stone. Anthony Mustchin, John R Summers and Peter Thompson
Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project 2016-17. Sarah Rutherford
Cliveden Generator House. Gary Marshall
Life on the Home Front: Marlow 1917-18. Andrew Ford and others
Archaeological notes. edited by Bob Zeepvat
Reviews and reports.

2018 Volume 58, part 2
Archaeological excavations at Missenden Abbey, 1983-88. Yvonne Edwards, Jill Hender and Marion Wells

2019 Volume 59
Excavations at Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes, Sites A-C.
A Chapman and E Taylor
Records 59 cover
A Roman Crop-Processing site at Campbell Park Canalside, Milton Keynes. J Barker
A Romanesque Painted Arch circa 1100 at St Mary's Church, Old Linslade. Richard Gem and E Howe
The Effect of the Wars of the Roses on Chesham. Garry Marshall
Marlow's Medieval Manor Hall. Janet Smith
A New Approach to Understanding Enclosure and Survival of Common Land. F Kerner
The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project 2016-17. Sarah Rutherford
The South Terrace, Cliveden: Archaeological Investigations, 2013-2017. J Gill
Heaven on Earth: Sir Robert Lorimer and Stowe School Chapel 1926-29. D J Critchley
The Headmaster and the Architect: J F Roxburgh, J F Matthew and Stowe School War Memorial. D J Critchley
ARCHAEOLOGICAL NOTES – edited by Bob Zeepvat:
Excavation of a Multi-Period Site at Lower Road, Stoke Mandeville. Banks, Stansbie and others; Buckingham, 12 September 934. Keith Bailey; Celebrating 170 Years of the Society. Michael Farley
The Toll Roads of Buckinghamshire, by Peter Gulland. Michael Ghirelli; Wulfhere's People, by A J Hancock and Bob Zeepvat. Sandy Kidd; Kingdom, Civitas and Country, by Stephen Rippon. Nigel Wilson; Sacred Britannia: The Gods and Rituals of Roman Britain, by Miranda Aldhouse-Green. Nigel Wilson
OBITUARIES: Lord Carrington and Maureen Brown
The Society (Secretary's report, the Library and archives) Buckinghamshire County Museum, Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, County Archaeological Service, Conservation and Archaeology in Milton Keynes.

2020 Volume 60
Late Bronze Age settlement, Romano-British enclosures and inductrial activity at Denham Park Farm. Andrew S Newton Records 60 cover
A late Iron Age and Roman settlement on land at College Road, Aston Clinton. Carol Simmonds
Exploration of a Romano-British settlement at Sarratt Bottom. Yvonne Edwards, Marion Wells and John Gover
Holy Trinity Church, Bledlow: origins, context and early development. Daniel Secker
Medieval Quarrendon: the people, the place and population change. Dr Garry Marshall
Archaeological investigations at Chandlers Hill, Iver Heath. Andrew Hood and Paul Blinkhorn
The fields of Kings Wood, Tylers Green: recent evidence from LiDAR scanning. Miles Green
Excavations of the former brewery site, High Street, Marlow. David Bonner and Jonathan Parkhouse
Martha Janes (1601-1687), an Earl's mistress. David Noy
Great Linford Wharf and the Newport Pagnell Canal. Bob Zeepvat
The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust Research and Recording Project 2018-19. Sarah Rutherford
ARCHAEOLOGICAL NOTES – edited by Bob Zeepvat:
Archaeological excavations at Park Farm, Church Lane, Aston Clinton 2018. Peter Boyer; The Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust: Artists' gardens project 2019. Claire de Carle
A new dictionary of English field names, by Paul Cavill. Nigel Robert Wilson; Stoke Mandeville Wills and Inventories, edited by Honor Lewington. David J Critchley
The Society in 2019: Honorary Secretary's report, The Library, Website and publications; Buckinghamshire County Museum Trust; Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies; County Archaeology Service; Conservation and Archaeology in Milton Keynes 2018.