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Articles in the Records of Buckinghamshire 6-10

These pages contain a list of the articles which have been published in the Records of Buckinghamshire since it was first printed in 1854.

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1890 Volume 6
The Church of St. Mary the Virgin Haddenham. Frederick George Lee.
Latimers or Latimer. Rev. Bryant Burgess
The Manor of Chequers. Bertram F. Astley
The Church of St. Giles Chalfont. Pownoll W. Phipps.
John Milton and his Cottage Home at Chalfont St. Giles. C. H. E. White.
The Inn Sign of the Merlins Cave at Chalfont St. Giles. C. H. E. White
Jordans. Robert Gibbs
An Account of Wooburn. J. O. Griffits
The Lords of Great Hampden Manor. John Parker
State of the Buckinghamshire Parish Churches in the 16th & 17th Centuries. Robert Gibbs
Institutions to Buckinghamshire Benefices 1556-1557.
Additional Notes as to the Manor of Iselhampsted and the Barons Latimer
Church and Parish of Chesham Bois. C. H. E. White
Wentworth of Lillingstone Lovell. W. L. Rutton
Discovery of British Pottery
Finds of Coins at Tyler's Hill
St.Mary's Church, Long Crendon. Frederick George Lee.
The Church and Parish of Great Missenden. C. H. E. White
Parish Church of All Saints, Great Marlow. A. H. Cocks
High Wycombe Church Bells. R. S. Downs
Missenden Abbey. John Parker.
Materials for the History of the Parish of Clifton Reynes. John L. Myres
The Parish and Church of Maids Moreton. John L. Myres
The Buckinghamshire Miscellany
Bibliotheca Buckinghamiensis
1897 Volume 7
John Mason: Poet and Enthusiast. John L. Myers
Amersham Churchwardens' Accounts. Frederick George Lee
The Monuments at Thornton. R. H. Russell.
Local words of South Bucks, especially The Thames Valley. A. H. Cocks
The Account of Subscriptions to the Present to King Charles II from the Hundred of Burnham
Some Documents in the State Papers Relating to Beaconsfield. W.H.Summers
History & Antiquities of Water Stratford. John L. Myers
Serfdom in England and the Transfer of Serfs in Buckinghamshire. John Parker
Wing Church. F. H. Tatham
Concerning Certain Buckinghamshire Churches. Frederick George Lee
John Newton of Olney and his Wife. The Removal and Re-interment of their Remains 1893. John T. Maitland
Olney Church. H. Gough
Early Paper-Mills in Buckinghamshire. W. H. Summers
Some Mural Paintings in Churches of Little Horwood and Padbury. Charles E. Keyser
A Recent Discovery at Hedsor. James Rutland
The Minutes of a Meeting at Beaconsfield 1792
Notice of the Church Bells of Buckinghamshire. A. H. Cocks
The Dukes of Wharton and the Earl of Chesterfield. Rev. R. H. Pigott
Description of the Brass of Roger Dynham. A. H. Cocks
High Wycombe Parish Church: Description & History. R. S. Downs
A Further Contribution towards a Buckinghamshire Vocabulary. A. H. Cocks
Some Documents in the State Papers Relating to High Wycombe. W. H. Summers
The Missenden Chartulary and the Celibacy of the Clergy. John Parker
The Restoration of Wing Church. T. Oldrid Scott
Memories of Jordans and the Chalfonts. W. H. Summers
The Origin and First Growth of Christianity in Bucks. T. Williams
The Montforts, The Wellesbournes and the Hughenden Effigies.
The Church Plate of Buckinghamshire - Rural Deanery of Mursley
Exploration of a Large Barrow at Chetwode. A. H. Cocks
The Giffards. John Parker
Cromwell's Charter, High Wycombe. W. H. Summers
Civil Marriages During the Commonwealth. A. Clear
Romao-British Pile-Dwelling at Hedsor
St.Nicholas Church, Ickford. W. H. St. John Hope
Whiteleaf Cross. E. J. Payne
Index of Archaeological Papers Published in 1895 with Reports of Committee promoting the publication of Parish Registers.
1903 Volume 8
The Church Plate of Buckinghamshire - Rural Deanery of Claydon
Church Bells of Buckinghamshire. E. J. Payne
Parish Church of High Wycombe - Extracts from the Churchwardens and Overseers Accounts. R. S. Downs
The Disused Church of Stoke Mandeville.
Inventories of Parish Church of All Saints and the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wycombe. W. H. St. John Hope
Population Returns for Buckinghamshire, 1676. W. H. Summers
The Church of St.Mary of Stoke Mandeville.John Parker
The Intra-Mural Monuments and Other Inscriptions of Gt.Marlow Church. A. H. Cocks
The Norman Doorways in the County of Buckingham. Charles. E. Keyser
Bletchley Register. Willaim Bradbrook
A Paper from a Family Deed-Chest. J. W. Garrett-Pegge
Discovery of a Stone Coffin in Turville Church. A. H. Cocks
Place-Name Endings in Buckinghamshire. Cecil F. J. Bourke
An account of the Church of St.Mary at Turville and of its recent restoration and enlargement. W. A. Forsyth
Intra-Mural Monuments of Turville Church. A. H. Cocks
Armorial Ceiling at Fenny Stratford Church. W. Bradbrook
A History of Newport Pagnell. F. W. Bull
The Benedictine Nunnery of Little Marlow. C. R. Peers
Tring, Wing, and Ivinghoe. E. J. Payne
Monumental Brasses Formerly in Great Marlow Church. Mill Stephenson
Church of St. Bartholomew, Fingest. W. A. Forsyth
Delafield's Manuscript Notes on Fingest. John Parker
Notes on the History of the Manor and Church of Hedsor. Lord Boston
Burnham Abbey. Harold Brakspear.
Church of St.Nicholas, Ibstone. William A. Forsyth
A Curious Piece of Church Furniture (Hambleden). John Charles Fox
Index of Archaeological Papers Published in 1896
1909 Volume 9
Notes on the Architectural History of the Parish church of High Wycombe. W. H. St. John Hope
Wavendon Parish Register. W. Bradbrook
Old Bradwell Church. E. S Harris
Letters and Notes from the Cole Manuscripts. W. Bradbrook
Denham History
The Political Aspect of Buckinghamshire. The Earl of Roseberry
The Ancient Hundreds of the County. A. Morley Davies
Stewkley Church. W. A Forsyth
A third Contribution towards a Bucks Vocabulary. A. H. Cocks
Upton-cum-Chalvey Parish registers. E. Lionel Reynolds
The Font, Stone. Canon Blagden
Bletchley Church Monuments and Epitaphs. W. Bradbrook
Coins found in or near High Wycombe. R. S. Downs
Mummers' Play: the Wooburn Version. A. H. Cocks
Eton College Buildings. J. Parker
Burn Hill, Stone. A. H. Cocks
Coins found in or near High Wycombe. John Evans
Semi-Underground Hut, Walton Road, Aylesbury. A H. Cocks
Hitcham Church. W. Niven
Palimpest Brass at Twyford. Mill Stephenson
Richard Bowle's Book. J. W. Garrett-Pegge
Pre-Historic Pit Dwellings at Ellesborough. A. H. Cocks
Pew formerly on the Rood Loft, High Wycombe. Frederick Skull
Little Hampden Church Wall Paintings. C. E. Keyser
Anglo-Saxon Burials at Ellesborough. A. H. Cocks
On a Hoard of Bronze Implements, New Bradwell. A. H. Cocks
Royal Latin School, Chapel of St.John Bapt., Buckingham. J. T. Harrison
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1909.
download article Notes on Hanslope Church. Alfred Heneage Cocks
1910 Volume 10, Part 1
Articles in volume 10 part 1 are available on-line 
download article Cover and Officers of the Society
download article Richard Bowles‘ Book – Conclusion. J.W.Garrett-Pegge
download article The Danes‘ Ditches at Danesfield, Medmenham. A.H.Cocks
download article Aston Abbotts Parish Register and Account Book. W.Bradbrook
download article Stowe and its ‘Gardens’
download article The Parish Church of All Saints, High Wycombe. Archdeacon of Buckingham
download article Bronze or Latten Foot of a Portable Cross, Stoke Poges.
download article Buckinghamshire Churches: Stewkley, St Peter's Stantonbury, Holy Trinity Bledlow, Upton and West Wycombe.
download article Notabilia MCMX 1910
download article Eleventh-century Buckinghamshire. A.Morley Davies
download article Reviews:Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire; The Record Interpreter; English Church Brasses fgrom the 13th to 17th Century.
download article Obituary: The Late Archdeacon of Buckingham; Sir Edmind Verney.
download article Proceedings of the Sociewty 1910: Annual excursion to Buckingham and Stowe; Annual General Meeting.
download article Acquisitions to the Museum
1911 Volume 10, Part 2
Little Marlow Church. T. F. H. White
Disused Church of St.Mary the Virgin.
Rectorial Manor of Waddesdon, notes on Court Rolls. A. Ballard
A former Vicar of Marlow.
Urn Burial at Stoke Park. R. P. l. Brooker
Excavations at Norbury Camp, Whaddon Chase. James Berry & W. Bradbrook
Notes on History of Wendover. Leonard W. West
Notes on Chequers Court. Reginald Blomfield
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1911.
1912 Volume 10, Part 3
Bucks 17th Century Trade Tokens
West Wycombe Church Loft
Ickford Church. Rev. A. D.Burnett
The Penn Versions of the Mummers Play. A. H. Cocks
Radnage Church. W. A. Forsyth
The Staircase, Beachampton Hall. S. Harris & H. Marsh
A Lost Brass. Canon Staley
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1912.
1913 Volume 10, Part 4
Notes on Two Palimest Brasses at Masworth Hill. Mill Stephenson
A fourteenth Century Subsidy List of Stone. Frederick G. Gurney
Schedule of Payments from the Archdeaconry of Buckingham. Rev. F. W. Ragg
Sir W.Boralse's Benefactions to Marlow. Transcript of Will
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1913.
1914 Volume 10, Part 5
Two Fifteenth Century Neighbours in Edlesborough and some Coats of Arms. F. G. Gurney
Correspondence relating to High Wycombe. E. Lionel Reynolds
A Record of the Archdeaconry Courts of Buckingham. Rev. F. W. Ragg
The Ickford Communion Plate. Rev Vernon Staley
On a Table now restored to Little Horwood Church. H. Clifford Smith.
Pleistocene Mammals in Bucks. E. Hollis
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1914.
1915 Volume 10, Part 6
Marswoth Church. Rev. F. W. Ragg
Hitcham Glass. J. C. Powell
Extracts from Wing Church-Wardens Accounts
Mr.Weller's Drawings and Prints. A. H. Cocks
Eustace Mascoll's Brass in Farnham Royal Church. F. C. Carr-Gomm
Bucks Churches: Notes on for 1915.
1916 Volume 10, Part 7
Schedule of Tenths and Fifteenths of the Archdeaconry of Buckingham. Rev. F. W. Ragg
Eton School Bill. A. H. Cocks
Huntercombe Manor, Burnham