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The Historic Buildings Group:

If HS2 was too fast,
there was always the pub...
a historic one to survey, of course!

The Historic Buildings Group surveyed many historic buildings between 2009 and 2014, when its members became involved in the HS2 high-speed rail line Impact Assessment project. Because this was a high priority, other group projects rather took a back seat and the Historic Buildings Group itself ceased to be active.

This page describes the group's activities in 2013.

Apart from HS2, the Bucks Historic Pubs project was the most active. At the start of 2012 the tally of historic pubs surveyed was 46. Twelve months and four village surveys later this had more than doubled to 105 with:

  • 46 historic pubs and former pubs in Wendover added in February;
  • 5 added for Hedgerley in March;
  • 2 for Radclive-cum-Chackmore in November;
  • and 16 more historic pubs were added for Tingewick in December.

A survey from Stewkley in early 2013 added a further ten. The results of these surveys are posted on this website, where they can be read on-line or printed as a document.

Why not survey the historic pubs and former pubs of your local parish? The project group have produced a ‘How to get started’ guide. If you're interested, eMail click to send an email Peter Marsden.


The Great Horwood Village Survey team made external surveys for all buildings within and close to the village's Conservation Area, all available on this website, and with two detailed surveys of 17th-century timber-framed cottages.

Earlier surveys were done at Hedgerley and Wingrave.

A measured survey was made of West Wycombe's ‘Church Loft’, a key 15th-century meeting house in this historic village. The Society also funded a dendro-chronological survey of the building. This HBG project was part of a much larger operation by the National Trust to investigate and refurbish all its properties in West Wycombe, led by NT archaeologist and BAS member Gary Marshall.

All projects by the Historic Buildings Group since 2009 are to be found through our projects webpage.