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Why would you join the Society?

The Society plays a critical role in
   • identifying,
   • understanding,
   • promoting,
   • and where necessary protecting
the historic environment and heritage assets of Buckinghamshire.

This is made possible only by the support and through the activities of the society's members. The Society has members throughout the historic county of Buckinghamshire, including Milton Keynes, and beyond. Their interests, despite the society's name, range across the spectrum of history, archaeology, natural history and historic buildings.

Our activities
Collectively members contribute to the understanding and preservation of the county's unique historic assets through various activity groups, including
   • the Buckinghamshire Local History Network,
   • the Historic Buildings Group,
   • the Natural History Section,
   • and various projects, such as that currently running to assess the likely impact on the county's historic environment of the HS2 high-speed rail line.
These groups and projects are open to all members of the society.

Our publications and events
Through an annual subscription members also support the research and dissemination of the county's local history and archaeology at all levels, enabling the publication of the annual journal Records of Buckinghamshire, of various books and papers, and the organising of lectures and outings on historic subjects.

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