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An Illustrated History of Early Buckinghamshire Illustrated History of Bucks cover
edited by Michael Farley
A history of Buckinghamshire from the Ice Age to the Tudors, this pioneering, generously illustrated book brings together seven specialist authors who build a picture of the intriguing past of this historic county, drawing on the most up-to-date historical and archaeological discoveries and research. Here you will meet mammoths, early prehistoric farmers, Romans, Britons, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and medieval peasants – all have left their mark on the landscape we see today.  More details > >
224-page paperback, published 2010
£16.00 plus £2.50 post and packing.   To order > >

Aylesbury: A personal memoir from the 1920s Aylesbury: a personal memoir cover
by W.R.Mead
‘This is a brief chronicle of Aylesbury as it appeared in the middle 1920s in my early schooldays. It is a view of the town and surrounding countryside compiled from what might be called ‘‘naive knowledge’’ unwittingly observed There is no accounting for the things that stick in the mind and those that are forgotten.
Aylesbury had a population of about 12,000...’
92-page hardback, revised edition 2009
£7.50 plus £2.00 post and packing.   To order > >

Buckinghamshire in the 1760s and 1820s Buckinghamshire maps cover
with an introduction by Paul Laxton
A facsimile reproduction of two of the earliest large-scale maps of Buckinghamshire in book form. Packed with details – the originals are 6ft and 4ft in length – they offer a picture of the changing landscape of the county in the 18th and eartly 19th centuries, with fascinating (and sometimes deceptive) details of towns, villages, roads, woodland... even the siting of windmills.  More details > >
38-page large-format paperback, published 2000
£15.00 plus £2.00 post and packing.   To order > >

Historic Views of Buckinghamshire Newport Pagnell Mill
from the Society's own collection
A collection of 50 ‘views’ showing buildings and landscapes of the county during the 18th and 19th centuries which offers a mine of information for local historians. Ranging from quite primitive hand-coloured engravings to watercolours, and from cheery magazine illustrations to sophisticated drawing room plates, each comes with a short history of the site and its current condition.  More details > >
108-page large-format paperback
£20.00 plus £2.50 post and packing.   To order > >

John Speed’s Map of Buckinghamshire
John Speed‘s atlas, titled ‘The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine’ was published in 1610/11. Covering England and Wales, it included individual maps of each county. This is a reproduction of the second edition. published in 1627, in its original black-and-white state.
Map, uncoloured and printed on lightweight buff card.
£2.50 plus £2.00 post and packing   To order > >

Last chance for Stoke Mandeville's deserted village? Last chance for Stoke Mandeville deserted village cover
by Peter Marsden
Outlines what we know of the original Saxon and Norman village of Stoke Mandeville, the church ruins and deserted site that remain today, and how this site of national importance will be swept away if the HS2 rail line goes ahead as planned. This is an appeal on behalf of of all historic buildings and sites along the route of HS2.
24-page pamphlet, published May 2012
£2.00 plus 50p post and packing.   To order > >

The Rothschilds and Disraeli in Buckinghamshire
by David Kessler
In the second half of the 19th century the Rothschild family, bankers and financiers, built or acquired no fewer than seven great houses in and around the Vale of Aylesbury, investing their wealth in the farms and villages around – with results still visible today. At about the same time, a little to the south, Benjamin Disraeli, soon to be Prime Minister, was also moving in. This pamphlet outlines their story.
36-page pamphlet, published 1996
£3.00 plus £1.00 post and packing.   To order > >

The Watermills of Buckinghamshire Watermills of Buckinghamshire cover
edited by Michael Farley, Edward Legg and James Venn
During the early 20th century Stanley Freese cycled around Buckinghamshire's towns and villages talking to millers and recording their mills in words and photographs. The years of the Second World War prevented the intended publication of his efforts, but more than 60 years later his record of a way of life once crucial to local communities is in print.  More details > >
224-page large-format paperback, published 2007
£13.00 plus £3.00 post and packing.   To order > >

Winslow in 1556 Winslow 1556 cover
by David Noy
After the dissolution of St Albans Abbey, Winslow in 1556 had an absentee landlord who owed the Crown money. Then the surveyor Thomas Gedge came to call. This book paints a picture of Winslow in 1556: its people, its properties, their occupations, their families and relationships, their petty crimes and long-term feuds – to offer a panorama of Winslow's economic, social and religious life in the mid-16th century. It includes the text of the Survey itself, translated and published here for the first time, annotated and with indexes of People and Places.
160-page paperback, published May 2013
£5.00 plus £1.00 post and packing.   To order > >