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Quarrendon pamphlet cover Quarrendon: Aylesbury‘s lost medieval village

by Michael Farley

This illustrated guide to the remains of a once-flourishing but long-abandoned Buckinghamshire village and manor not only presents its hidden history – but tells you where to find it.

  • According to legend the Anglo-Saxon St Osyth was born at Quarrendon 1300 years ago.
  • Before the Normans invaded in 1066 it was a manor and village of 20 families – and 300 pigs.
  • When William the Conqueror gave the manor to Geoffrey de Mandeville, he valued it at £8.
  • But 400 years later farming sheep for their wool was more profitable, so the villagers had to go.
  • Then Sir Henry Lee, Queen's Champion to Elizabeth I, built himself a ‘great house’ and an amazing garden.
  • But he dies childless, and his heirs let it all fall to ruin.

Today there are grassy mounds along what was the village street, a moat with no manor house, and the chapel is just a few broken stone walls. But as Mike Farley reveals, beneath the grass history lies hidden...

32 pages, pamphlet, with 14 colour illustrations.
Published by Buckinghamshire Archaeological Society in July 2017
jointly with the Buckinghamshire Conservation Trust.
ISBN 978-0-9957177-1-8


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