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BLHN Conferences since the year 2000:
Speakers and their subjects

The Buckinghamshire Local History Network has held annual conferences since the year 2000. These annual conferences are listed here from the most recent to the earliest, with the subjects of each talk and the speaker who gave it.

2020: Wellers, Wethereds, Wheelers and the ABC
– Buckinghamshire brewers through three centuries (delivered On-line)
Wethereds of Marlow
      Janet Smith, vice-president of the Marlow Society
Amersham Brewery Yard in 1889
Wellers of Amersham
      Alison Bailey, Trustee of Amersham Museum
Wheelers of High Wycombe
      Jackie Kay, Trustee of High Wycome Society
ABC: the Aylesbury Brewery Company
      Julian Hunt, President of Bucks Archaeological Society
PLUS ‘Bucks Virtual Local History Fair’
with ‘virtual stands’ by 18 local history, archaeology and heritage societies, including research on Buckinghamshire brewing and breweries

2019: Social Housing in Buckinghamshire – from almshouses to Right-to-Buy
Social housing under the first Poor Law 1600-1834
      Professor John Broad, editor of Records of Buckinghamshire
BLHN Conference 2019 leaflet
Marlow's overworked workhouse: Problems caused by the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act
      Janet Smith
1919: ‘Homes fit for Heroes’
      Peter Marsden, Chair of Bucks Archaeological Society
Social Housing in Amersham 1919-1945
      Emily Toettcher, Curator of Amersham Museum
Blitz, Bletchley and Milton Keynes: The decentralisation of London after World War 2
      Professor Mark Clapson, University of Westminster
The deconstruction of council and social housing since 1979
      John Boughton, author of ‘Municipal Dreams: The rise and fall of council housing’

2018: Archaeology ahead of the HS2 rail line
HS2 Archaeology: The Buckinghamshire perspective
      Eliza Alqassar of Buckinghamshire Archaeology Service
BLHN Conference 2018 leaflet READ THE REPORT >>
How the HS2 archaeology project can throw light on human interaction with the landscape in central England across time
      Jay Carver, Lead Archaeologist for Fusion and HS2
Archaeology within a large infrastructure project and early insights from the urgent-work programme of 2017-18
      Richard Brown, Cotswold-Oxford-PCA archaeology team
The Lost Village of Doddershall
      Dr Paul Stamper of the Connect archaeology team
Stoke Mandeville: Archaeology in a country churchyard
      Andrew Harris, Fusion heritage specialist, and Guy Hunt of LP Archaeology
Archaeological reconnaissance and magnetometry for large-scale landscape assessment
      Jay Carver, Lead Archaeologist for Fusion and HS2
Buckinghamshire and the railways last time around
      Julian Hunt of the Bucks Archaeological Society

2017: Buckinghamshire Land and People
Who owned Buckinghamshire in 1798?
      Dr John Broad, editor of Records of Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire and Parliament 1820-1868
      Dr Peter Salmon, editor, History of Parliament
The continuing controversy on the origin of open fields and ridge and furrow
      Dr David Hall
From Tudor plaisaunces to Central Milton Keynes – discovering hidden gems of Bucks gardens
      Dr Sarah Rutherford, founding member of the Bucks Gardens Trust
Costing the earth – Buckinghamshire and English gardens since 1660
      Professor Sir Roderick Floud
Buckinghamshire's Turnpike Roads 1706-1881
      Peter Gulland

2016: Buckinghamshire's Time Team
Human activity in the Buckinghamshire Middle Thames from 10,000 BCE to Roman times – the evidence of Kingsmead Quarry, Horton
      Alistair Barclay
Researching the Iron Age and Roman landscapes around Aylesbury
      Sandy Kidd
Settlement in Buckinghamshire during the Saxon period
      Mike Farley
The Evolution of the Landscape in North Buckinghamshire - the evidence from Broughton
      Rob Atkins
The Saxon and Medieval History of Wycombe Heath, Penn, Common and King's Woods
      Miles Green
The Context of the Lenborough Hoard
      Susan Fern

2015: Buckinghamshire Towns
The Evolution of Eton and Windsor – a Historic Towns Trust Atlas
      David Lewis
High Wycombe before Chairmaking
      David Green
The Birth of Milton Keynes
      Professor David Lock
Subtopia and other suburban development in Buckinghamshire before Metroland 1840-1914
      Dr David Thorpe
The Medieval Town
      Emeritus Professor Christopher Dyer

2014: Defining Buckinghamshire
The Origins of Buckinghamshire – sashes and Buckingham
      Jeremy Haslam
Two competing county towns, Aylesbury and Buckingham
      Edward Grimsdale
The County Maps of the 16th to 18th centuries
      Tom Harper
The Large-scale Maps of the Ordnance Survey 1840-1940
      Dr Richard Oliver
The Great War at Home
      Dr Kate Tiller

2013: Power, Money and the Landscape in Buckinghamshire
Roman villas and their landscape
      Professor Keith Branigan
Lord or Peasant? The origin of the nucleated village and the open fields, with special reference to North Bucks
      Dr Richard Jones
Theatres of Power: Buckinghamshire forests and chases
      Dr Graham Jones
Conspicuous display: The 18th-century great house, with special reference to Hartwell
      Richard Wheeler of the National Trust
Rothschild money moving a mountain: The creation and role of the Waddesdon gardens
      Catherine Taylor
Conserving the Chilterns, circa 1920-1950
      Dr Roland Quinault

2012: Women in Buckinghamshire
Royal Women and Anglo-Saxon Buckinghamshire
      Professor Pauline Stafford
Mrs Delany and the circle of the Duchess of Portland at Bulstrode in the C18
      Clarissa Campbell Orr
The Betsey Wynne Diaries – the Swanbourne Years
      Dr Elaine Chalus
The Nightingale Sisters and Claydon House
      Sue Baxter
The Suffragettes in Buckinghamshire
      Rev Colin Cartwright
The Buckinghamshire Lace industry
      Julian Hunt

2011: Military Buckinghamshire
Moats, mottes and castles: status and defence in medieval Buckinghamshire
      Mike Farley
The Buckinghamshire gentry and the Hundred Years War
      Dr Andy King
Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire in the Civil War
      Dr Alan Thompson
Portraits of the Civil War, and others
      Sarah Gray
Buckinghamshire and the First World War
      Michael Senior
The secret war in Buckinghamshire: Bletchley and beyond
      Jonathan Byrne
Portraits of Buckinghamshire military men
      Sarah Gray
The Buckinghamshire voluntary military tradition
      Professor Ian Beckett

2010: Some great Buckinghamshire houses and their owners
The Great Houses of Bucks – power, land and money
      David Thorpe
Nether Winchendon House and its family
      Robert Spencer Bernard
Chilton House – inheritance through the female line
      Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher
Ashridge – the Earls of Bridgewater and others
      Mike Thompson
Cliveden – the two Dukes, Buckingham and Sutherland
      Charles Pugh
The Rothschilds in Buckinghamshire
      George Ireland
      Rodney Melville

2009: Some great Buckinghamshire figures
Edmund Weller of Beaconsfield
      Julian Hunt
The first Marquis of Wharton (‘honest Tom’) of Winchendon and Wooburn
      Dr Robin Eagles
The Earl of Shelburne, the first Buckinghamshire Prime Minister and MP for Wycombe
      David Snoxell
Benjamin Disraeli and Buckinghamshire
      Roland Quinault
John Hampden – the Buckinghamshire Connection
      Roy Bailey
Ettie Desborough of Taplow
      Richard Davenport-Hines
Buckinghamshire Artists
      Sarah Gray

2008: Buckinghamshire's transport history
The Transport History of North Buckinghamshire
      Peter Jarvis
Military Airfields in Buckinghamshire 1914-1945
      Ken Delve
A History of Canals in Buckinghamshire
      Steve Morley
The Traffic of Aylesbury Railway Station 1877-1904
      Keith Bailey
Turnpike Roads in Buckinghamshire
      Peter Gulland
Carriers and stage-coaches circa 1680-1840
      Dorian Gerhold

2007: Buckinghamshire industries
Buckinghamshire Industries in the Nineteenth Century – an overview of change
      David Thorpe
The History of Brewing in Buckinghamshire
      Mike Brown
The History of Brickmaking in Buckinghamshire
      Michael Hammett
The History of Papermaking in Buckinghamshire
      Trevor Dean
The History of the Wycombe Furniture Industry
      Dr Clive Edwards
Wolverton – the Buckinghamshire Industrial Town
      John Brushe

Buckinghamshire in the shadow of the Metropolis, 900-1500
      Professor Derek Keene
The Men of Nelson's Navy
      Pam and Derek Ayshford
Datchet in the Nineteenth Century and its Links with London
      Janet Kennish
Buckinghamshire in the late thirteenth century, evidence from the eyre roll of 1286
      Dr Lesley Boatwright
Revising Pevsner's Buckinghamshire: exploring a county of contrasts
      Dr Elizabeth Williamson

Baptists in Central Buckinghamshire in the Seventeenth Century and Benjamin Keach, the Winslow tailor
      Rev Eric Eyre
The Claydons: the role of the Verneys in transforming an English Rural Society 1600-1820
      Dr John Broad
Medieval Winslow and the St Albans Connection – "Buying their blood at the Abbot's will"
      Dr David Noy

West Wycombe Park: an 18th-century landscape of politics, sex and nature
      Richard Wheeler
The Household Accounts of Sir Edward Don of Horsenden and Saunderton, a Tudor Country Gentleman and Courtier
      Professor Ralph Griffiths
The Civil War in Buckinghamshire
      Professor Ian Beckett
Enclosure and Common Rights in Eighteenth-century Buckinghamshire
      Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor

Landscape Archaeology in Buckinghamshire
      Sandy Kidd
Woodland Industries in Bucks and Berks from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century
      Professor E J T Collins
The Black Death in Buckinghamshire
      Julian Hunt

Early Non-conformity in the Chilterns 1450-1700
      Professor Margaret Spufford
The Origins of the Buckinghamshire Village
      Professor Christopher Dyer
An Extra-ordinary Industry in North Bucks in the 19th Century
      Neil Loudon
The Fall of the Grenvilles in Perspective
      Dr Roland Quinault
Buckinghamshire in 1851 – the Evidence of the Census, a story beyond family history
      Dr David Thorpe
The Eighteenth Century Landscape Park in South Bucks
      Dr David Brown

Farms and Fields in North Buckinghamshire
      Professor Michael Drake
The Old Enemies: Buckingham and Aylesbury
      Professor John Clarke

The Georgian legacy of parliamentary enclosure
      Professor Michael Turner
The changing landscape of Buckinghamshire in the 16th and 17th Centuries
      Professor Michael Reed
Aristocrats in Buckinghamshire, with special reference to the Grenvilles
      Professor J C Beckett
The archaeological background
      Mike Farley
Buckinghamshire History in its regional context
      Dr John Broad
Aspects of the Chilterns in the medieval period
      Dr Ian Hepple
Villages, hamlets and settlements – a study of the South Midlands and the Whittleworth forest project
      Carenza Lewis